Supporting the Standards Rulemaking Process

The Standards Rulemaking Process

Our department works together with other DOE contractors to support DOE in meeting the statutory and procedural demands of the standard-setting process. We focus on analyses designed to assess impacts of potential standards on consumers and to estimate national energy savings, economic costs and benefits, and impacts on emissions of air pollutants (see chart below). We additionally support DOE’s efforts to develop or revise the testing methods required to administer the appliance and equipment standards program.

A typical rulemaking is a lengthy process that occurs over several years in distinct phases. We produce analyses and proposed test procedures that are reviewed by stakeholders such as appliance and equipment manufacturers, electric and gas utilities, energy efficiency advocates and environmental organizations, and state agencies. Based on stakeholder comments, refinements to the analysis or test procedure may take place, and at the end of the process, DOE issues a final rule with the adopted standards or final determination of no amended standards for the product in question.