North American Energy Efficiency Standards and Labeling

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The North American Energy Working Group (NAEWG), led by officials from Natural Resources Canada, the Mexican Secretariat of Energy and the US Department of Energy, seeks to foster communication and cooperation among the governments and energy sectors of the three countries. This paper provides an update on the Group's progress on energy efficiency, and shares some of the results of its analyses to date. Section I describes energy efficiency standards and labeling programs in general terms, and why they are effective instruments in meeting energy efficiency goals. Section II explains the different processes and institutional contexts for standards and labeling programs in each country. Section III goes on to provide an overview of the status of standards and labels in the three countries, identifying where commonalities and differences exist. Section IV describes the activities to date of the Working Group in the area of energy efficiency. The NAEWG wishes to thank Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for its technical assistance in preparing this document.

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