Estimating Residential Appliance Lifetime for Energy Efficient Policy Analysis

TitleEstimating Residential Appliance Lifetime for Energy Efficient Policy Analysis
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsVictor H Franco, Youness Bennani Smires, Jing Ke, Edward Cubero, Alex Lekov
Conference Name2018 ACEEE Summer Study on Building Energy Efficiency
Date Published08/2018
Conference LocationPacific Grove, CA

Accurate knowledge of appliance lifetimes helps policy makers set effective energy efficiency policy. The cost-effectiveness of an appliance efficiency measure depends on the length of time consumers will use an appliance. National shipments projections depend on the rate of replacement in the installed appliance stock. Furthermore, early retirement programs need an accurate understanding of the remaining useful life in order to calculate lifetime savings and cost-effectiveness of a program.This paper uses a method for calculating lifetime of appliances based on the most recent data available on appliance shipments, total appliance stock, and the fraction of surviving appliances by age bins. An example of the calculation methodology is provided for residential gas boilers. This paper concludes by comparing the results to other available data on gas boiler lifetime.