Hung-Chia Yang

(510) 486-4419

Hung-Chia Yang is a Senior Scientific Engineering Associate for the Energy Efficiency Standards Group at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

As a member of the Economic Research sub-team, Hung-Chia studies a wide-range of economic issues associated with the impact of energy conservation standards for the U.S. Department of Energy. She performs both qualitative and quantitative analysis to assist efficiency standard rulemakings with specialization in markup analysis, future price trend analysis, survey analysis and consumer choice modeling. In addition, Hung-Chia also collaborates with both internal and external researchers to study the innovation process of renewable energy resources, evaluate the cost-effectiveness of Zero Net Energy homes in California, investigate the Demand Response decision-making process in commercial buildings, and analyze people's transportation behavioral pattern and its relation to endogenous and exogenous factors. 

Hung-Chia joined the group in 2009 and holds a master degree in Economics from Duke University and a bachelor degree in Statistics from National Chengchi University, Taiwan.