Henry Willem

Henry Willem

Energy/Environmental Policy Research Scientist/Engineer
(510) 486-7138


Henry Willem is a research scientist in the Energy Analysis and Environmental Impacts Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He is an energy efficiency and indoor environment researcher with the Energy Efficiency Standards Department. Henry leads various field research projects and teams on residential and commercial space heating and cooling products. His research supports and provides inputs to the standards and test procedures developments. Willem also serves as technical lead for test procedures program related to space cooling systems. His research interests include air quality and energy efficiency topics related to vulnerable populations, and underserved and disadvantaged communities. He currently serves as co-investigator in research projects to address heat resiliency and energy efficiency issues affecting disadvantaged communities in California. In his previous experience, Willem led multiple field research to quantify occupant exposures in residential and commercial buildings. He also conducted intervention studies to determine the impact of indoor exposures on occupants' health, perceptions, and performance. He holds dual PhD degree from National University of Singapore and Technical University of Denmark.