Meeting the Efficiency Needs of Extreme Applications

In many situations today, such as military forward bases, disaster response centers, off-grid sites, and hospitals or other critical facilities operating on backup power, power is both extremely scarce and expensive. In these applications 80%-90% energy efficiency improvements are not only cost-effective but can help these facilities better carry out their mission. The EES group contributes to research identifying ultra-efficient design options for a wide variety of equipment used in such facilities, including lighting, space conditioning, water heating, cooking and cleaning appliances, electronics, pumps and motors. Savings of 50%-90% are possible using technologies that are either commercially available or close to production, and further savings are possible using advanced technologies that are still in development. Several cross-cutting strategies apply to a wide range of equipment, including electronic lighting, heat pump technology, power management, variable-speed drives, sensors and controls, and high-efficiency motors. By designing products to meet the efficiency needs of extreme applications, this market niche can be used as a market transformation strategy to bring these advanced technologies into broader commercial production much sooner than might happen through more traditional building applications. For more information, see the report, Achieving Extreme Efficiency.